~~ Fuzzy Monkeys Quotes~~
Turn It Up and Don't Press Stop!

"I'm going to eat you like you're a snack." ~ Kasima

"Not the star chat. That's this fall." ~ Eula

"I'm running out of places to smell me." ~ Sanafi

"I wore this skirt to make you my bitches." ~ Kasima

"I went dark in my soul. I went pink." ~ Eula

"I think we are our own quadraphonic sound." ~ Kasima

"There is no inside voice. Inside voice is dead. … I beat it with a shovel." ~ Eula

"Time to take the eyelashes off and de-whore." ~ Kasima

"That's right. I have a hula-hoop, a chair, and an invisible dog." ~ Sanafi

"Then we can be three-headed robot monsters." ~ Kasima

"That's how sock puppet viruses are made." ~ Kasima

"I have a head of a coconut monkey." ~ Leeann of Zephyr

"Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore." ~ Epona
"Are you calling me a dog?" ~ Kasima

"Where's my ass-around? Where's my ass-around?!" ~ Kasima

"Four-four time. It's kinda creepy." ~ Kasima

"Caffeinated Monkeys should NEVER play with fire." ~ SunKrux

"Being cherished in the middle of the night is probably going to scar the child, anyway." ~ Rexona

"If you forget the choreography, stop, drop, and roll." ~ Kasima

"The fire is hot! The fire is hot! The fire is hot!" ~ Kasima
"Dude, I'm holding a supernova." ~ Eula

"So I dreamt I was bacon." ~ Kasima

"Monkey mimic. Monkey f*ck it." ~ Eula
"Monkey dance with fire!" ~ Epona

"Your boobs are weapons!" ~ Epona

"I'm all stick, no carrot." ~ Kasima

"It's like pinball with brain cells!" ~ Sanafi

"You can't dance with pie in your hands." ~ Eula

"Be more obtuse, would you?" ~ Kasima

"We need to nail down the dead fish part first." ~ Kasima

"I have two words for you: Otter Pop." ~ Kasima

"Snowcones are difficult for me." ~ Sanafi

"Hey, you don't get any more ghetto than what I'm doing right now." ~ Kasima

"They were smooshed with Monkey ass love." ~ Kasima

"So I got to look both pretentious and -"
"Pink." ~ Sanafi and Epona

"Look! It's a colorblind Beefeater!" ~ Eula

"I like weak, bible-belt coffee." ~ Alimah

"Sorry. A bug flew in my eye and I couldn't hear you very well." ~ Kasima

"It's not like we have a Golf up our ass." ~ Kasima

"Isn't every day a farmers' market in Ephrata?" ~ Eula

"I think secretly I'm not as white as I think I am." ~ Kasima

"I guess you can't really complain about being followed by a dead jellyfish." ~ Epona

"I think you all know I can get out of a costume pretty fast." ~ Epona

"It's tribal, yo." ~ Epona

"I think…we crack me up!" ~ Aviva
"I think we crack me up, too!" ~ Kasima

"I'm snakey-arming into the wind!" ~ Eula

"I touched Aviva's booty!" ~ Epona

"Do you like my ass action? I'm so bootylicious." ~ Kasima

"I'm booty-shy now." ~ Epona

"That's the 'fuzzy' part." ~ Eula

"My fat hurts!" ~ Aviva

"I've never seen clothes come off that fast." ~ Kasima

"That beaver that beat you!" ~ Epona
"That beaver that beat me? Oh! That beaver that beat me!" ~ Kasima
"Oh, I get it now!" ~ Aviva

"Potato chips can't write their own blurbs." ~ Aviva
"Potato chips can't write their own blurbs!" ~ Kasima
"True that." ~ Epona

"Instant Monkey: just add glitter!"

"When I think alcoholic, I think leopard-print bra." ~ A Monkey Student

"I've got booty for my shoe size!" ~ Epona

"It's no longer boob level. It's tit high." ~ Kasima

"We're wearing what we're wearing because of what she's wearing." ~ Kasima