~~ Monkey Dance! ~~

Look! They're actually dancing to weird stuff! Just like they said they do! Click the links or the images to watch the Fuzzy Monkeys on YouTube.


Skinny Dip Seattle at the High Dive, 1 August 2012, Geekgasm! ~ Fuzzy Science Monkeys get their geek on!

Eula & Kasima

Skinny Dip Seattle at the High Dive, September 2011 ~ Fuzzy Monkeys turn into Wild Things

Sanafi & Kasima as Harleyquin & The Joker

MedFest 16 July 2011 ~ The Fuzzy Monkeys vs. BellyVision


MedFest 19 July 2008 ~ The Fuzzy Monkeys' Theory of Evil-lution

MedFest 22 July 2007 ~ Fuzzy Monkeys get hoopy!

Saqra's Showcase April 2007 ~ Sisters From Different Misters clown around at their own three-ring circus

Aviva, Kasima, Epona

MedFest July 2006 ~ Toybox Monkeys

Hasani's Hafla August 2005

Epona, Sanafi, Aviva

MedFest July 2004, Part 2: The Hoedown
MedFest July 2004, Part 1: The Quilting Bee