~~ About The Fuzzy Monkeys ~~

Musical fantasies pass back and forth in the dance community, and eventually a song demands to be performed! 'Delta Disco' was the first choreography for the Fuzzy Monkeys, which formed as a troupe in 2001 to honor this fun song with playful fusion choreography.

Choreographed by Javarah and other troupe members, this first dance was a long time in the making. Kasima and Javarah first talked about the song in 2000, and pitched it to Sanafi and others in 2001. In late 2001, these three were joined by dancers Eula and Aviva. And lo-and-behold, not more than two years from its inception, 'Delta Disco' debuted at Hasani's Hafla, August 24, 2002, 8:15pm.

We called ourselves 'One Hit Wonders' until the name Fuzzy Monkeys could no longer be denied. We have even christened a drink in our own honor. (This is for fun after all!) Where did this title come from exactly? There's some careful Monkey Business in 'Delta Disco' and for the longest time exactly how it would work was a bit - 'fuzzy'. As we approached the 'Fuzzy Monkey' section a few times in rehearsal, the name sort of took over, and there you have it!

In the spring of 2005, we added an official Monkey Minion to our numbers. Several friends have acted as Monkey Minions over the years, but this is the only one to later become a full troupe member. Epona was welcomed into the Fuzzy Monkeys and performed with the troupe for the first time at Hasani's Hafla in August of 2005.

Focusing on the music itself, the fusion of bellydance with discoteque, theatricality, pantomime, and playfullness creates a wonderful new world for dancers to explore. The Fuzzy Monkeys are a troupe focused on the fun of dance, the magic of the music, and good times with good people.

Fuzzy Monkeys meet weekly to choreograph, dance, chat, and celebrate our Monkeyness. Our extant choreography covers a truly eclectic variety of music: tradtional bellydance; celtic-flavoured folk; movie musicals; klezmer; Bollywood; Icelandic rap; hip-hop; Doctor Who (yes, we said Doctor Who); video games; and many other inspirations, even The Love Boat!

We are: Eula ~ Kasima ~ Sanafi ~ Diane. Previous troupe members are: Epona ~ Aviva ~ Javarah.

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