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Med-Fest 19 July 2008 ~ "Fuzzy Monkeys' Theory of Evil-lution"

Epona, Sanafi, Eula, Kasima

The Celestial Barista ~ Evolution Through Coffee

Eula and Epona Face Off

Primative Monkeys face off

Sanafi, Epona, Kasima, Eula

Sanafi and Kasima bring fire to Epona and Eula

Sanafi, Epona, Eula, Kasima - Four Cogs in a Machine Epona, Sanafi, Kasima, Eula - Broken Cogs Sanafi, Kasima, Eula, Epona - Feel Good Monkeys

Four cogs in a machine…break down…and later feel good.

UN-Tagged ~ Blood Moon Regale Afterparty ~ 27 Oct 2007

Epona, Aviva, Sanafi, Kasima in the Dark Ages

Dark Ages Tribal Monkeys

Alley Cats Aviva and Epona

Alley Cats get their groove on

Sanafi - The Lamenting Bride Kasima - The Sympathetic Narrator Aviva, Sanafi, Epona, Kasima - Big Finish

The Bride's Lament from The Drowsy Chaperone

Emerald Sanctuary ~ Saturday Night Hafla, 25 Aug 2007 (a.k.a. "Monkey Improv Night")


The Bride's Lament from
The Drowsy Chaperone, disclaimer


Eula solos to Bowling for Soup's "1985"

Emerald Sanctuary ~ Friday Night Hafla, 24 Aug 2007

Epona, Eula, Aviva, Sanafi, Kasima 

Monkeys get hoopy again at the Emerald Sanctuary - Friday Night Hafla, 24 Aug 2007

Epona Eula Kasima

"Hoopy Urban Tribal Monkeys"

Sanafi, Epona, Kasima, Eula, Aviva

 Swingin' Hoopster Monkeys 

The Fuzzy Monkeys are some super hoopy froods at MedFest 22 July 2007

Epona Eula

Kasima Sanafi Aviva