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Renton Civic Theatre 30 Sept - 1 October 2011 ~ Challenge of the Monkey Friends

The Justice League battles the Legion of Doom...

...and emerges victorious!
(Fabulous fight choreography by John Lynch.)
Kasima is The Joker
The Joker
Eula is Green Lantern
Green Lantern
Sanafi is Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
Sanafi, Kasima, Eula
The Monkey Friends

Good and Evil united in a curtain call.

The High Dive, 7 September 2011 ~ Skinny Dip - Wild Things

Sanafi, Kasima
The classic love story of Harley Quinn and The Joker.
Sanafi, Kasima Sanafi, Kasima

Renton Civic Theatre 1-2 October 2010 ~ Across the Whoniverse

Photos by Ebon Raven

Kasima, Epona, Eula, Sanafi

Four Doctors in the TARDIS

Epona as The Second Doctor Kasima as The Third Doctor

Doctor Who #2 and Doctor Who #3

Sanafi as The Fourth Doctor Eula as The Fifth Doctor

Doctor Who #4 and Doctor Who #5

Sanafi & Eula

The Master and Lucy

Eula, Sanafi, Kasima, Epona

Dance of the Ood

Spinergy Arts' High Society Freaky Debutante Ball ~ 7 August 2010

Photos courtesy of Edie Bernhardt

Kasima, Eula,Sanafi

Eula, Sanafi

Sanafi, Eula, Kasima

Sanafi, Eula, Kasima

Med-Fest 18 July 2010

Photos by Fred Herinckx

Sanafi, Eula, Kasima

Mah-nah, mah-nah!

Eula, Sanafi, Kasima

Do do, do, do-do!

Kasima Eula Sanafi

Eula, Sanafi, Kasima

It's a Monkey-Go-Round!