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18 January 2014 ~ Unpolished Gems

Eula, Sanafi, Kasima
Wait a minute! Shouldn't they be green?
Sanafi, Eula, Kasima Kasima, Sanafi, Eula

11-12 October 2013 ~ Game of Coins

Sanafi, Kasima Eula
8-bit Monkeys in a 64-bit world

Sanafi, Eula, Kasima
"The cake is a lie."


8 June 2013 ~ Beyond the Lamp Hafla

Kasima, Sanafi, Eula Eula, Kasima, Sanafi
Monkeys get their green on again for their friend's birthday hafla

Sanafi, Eula, Kasima

17 May 2013 ~ Comedy Trek - Episode 1: Into Laughter

Kasima, Eula, Sanafi
Orion Dancing Girls hang out before their performance

The High Dive, 1 August 2012 ~ Skinny Dip - Geekgasm!

Eula, Kasima
Science geeks contemplate science.
Eula, Kasima Kasima, Eula

31 March 2012 ~ A Night in Morocco

Sanafi, Eula, Kasima Sanafi, Eula, Kasima
Monkeys revisit their hoopy frood-ness