~~ Fuzzy Links & Monkey Mischief on the Web ~~


3 Monkeys Boutique - A cute and trendy boutique in Portland, Oregon. Fuzzy Monkeys like to stop in on the way home from Saqra's Showcase.

Animal Band Name Archive - Featuring a surprising number of simians

Bar Monkey - Automated mixed drink machine? What will those college monkeys think of next?

Blue Monkey Side Show - Amazing stunts and wild performances [cool site, too]

Chunky Monkey - Comic fan club; learn to cartoon and more

Compass Monkey - Outdoor enthusiasts, here's a place for info and gear!

The Everyday Happenings of Weebl - Fun animation - with at least one monkey visitor

The Funky Monkey Boutique - Specializing in Costume Jewelry

Fuzzy Monkey Boutique - Bainbridge Island, WA toy and children's clothing store!

The Fuzzy Monkey - Seeking live music in Kenosha, WI? Check this place out.

FuzzyMonkey.org - Webhosting - If you're looking for them, we're not them, here they are.

Grease Monkey - Take care of your Monkeymobile!

Helping Hands: Monkey helpers for the disabled - How cool is that?!

The History of the Fuzzy Monkey - Not us, but a very strange relative…

How to Make your own Red Heeled Sock Monkey

The Hundredth Monkey - Excerpt from the awesome book on the simian sociological phenomena by Ken Keyes, Jr. [public domain]

Monkey - The Wikipedia entry on monkeys.

Our Kids: Their Future/Touch - Be good to young primates everywhere!

Monkey Business - Skateboards!

Monkey E-cards!

Monkey Grind Espresso - Caffeine makes several of the monkeys GO!!! This place is right in Greenwood, Seattle, WA, too.

Monkey Heaven - Japanese TV cult classic

Monkey Lander - Can you get enough Coconut fuel to keep Captain Chimpanzee aloft?

Monkey Law - web comic

Monkey Maddness - Promoting all things monkey [quite knowledgable, too]

Monkey Phone Call - Javarah says, 'Yes, they will actually call and make monkey sounds.' None of the rest of us have the nerve to place an order.

The Monkey Sanctuary - Information about the haven [since 1964] for a colony of woolly monkeys.

The Monkey Shakespeare Simulator - Would enough monkeys banging randomly on typewriters eventually type the works of William Shakespeare?

Monkey Slippers - Fun and Fuzzy for Whole Family!

Monkey Slots - Just like Vegas, only more fuzzy and banana-loving.

Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre - You can Adopt a Primate!

MonkeyByte - Game, edutainment, and website developers

Monkeyfist - essays argument politics technology culture

Monkeys Typing Shakespeare - SIMI: Search for Intelligent Monkeys on the Internet

Mr. Monkey's Home Page - very fun stuff, whether you're a Monkey or not!

Nate's Sock Monkey Hub - Globetrotting cotton batting and thread never looked better...

Paul Frank - Clothing and other cool monkey stuff

Princess Monkey - A unique collection of monkeys and other fun stuff to look at.

The Scopes 'Monkey' Trial - The famous US trial of evolution that inspired the play 'Inherit the Wind,' as well as numerous miniseries: here's one from PBS.

Sea Monkeys - Real instant pets or guppy food? You decide. Or perhaps you've already made your decision and are ready for Sea Monkey Worship?

The Sign of the Monkey: Chinese Astrology - You may be a Monkey and not even know it! More Monkey Astrology

Simian Arms - Dedicated to the weapons that helped Apes conquer the world!

Surf Monkey - A safer, friendlier Internet experience tailored specifically for children.

Tales of the Gold Monkey - Fans of 1980's Television's answer to Indiana Jones re-live the past!

The Urban Dictionary - 106 Definitions for 'Monkey' and counting…

WebMonkey.com - A great webdeveloper resource site.