~~ The Fuzzy Monkeys ~~
~ Define us. We dare you. ~

What folks are saying about the Fuzzy Monkeys:

"I totally love these girls!"
~ Amy Sigil of Unmata

"You ladies are crazy…crazy good!" ~ George of George and Basima

"The rodeo clowns of the bellydance world!" ~ Mattress,
Host of Spinergy Arts' High Society Freaky Debutante Ball

Artwork by Chloe Kroeze 2013

Official artwork for Game of Coins ~ 11-12 October 2013

"WHEEE! Le Troupe Dangereuse!"
~ Jim Boz

"A unique voice in contemporary art." ~ Michael Harris, Former Artistic Director, ArtsWest

"Holy Moley! Look at them!" ~ employee, Husky Deli, West Seattle


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